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Post Cycle Therapy / PCT Calculator

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* Oral Steroids will be calculated with a half life of 1.5 days.
Additionally, exclude unesterified steroids such as Stanozolol (Winstrol).

If you are using a testosterone gel such as Androgel, Androderm or Testoderm TTS or testosterone patches then select "Orals or Testosterone Gel/Patch" under the Drug dropdown menu.

Use this free post cycle therapy calculator to determine the correct PCT start dates after using anabolic / androgenic prescription steroids or other anabolic / androgenic substances.

This online post cycle therapy calculator does not have to be downloaded to your computer and can be used to determine correct pct start times after using steroid cycles (prescription or recreational use). Using testosterone or other muscle building compounds can be dangerous without using a proper post cycle therapy regimen such as hcg pct, nolvadex pct, or clomid pct.

This anabolic pct calculator is typically used by people who have used injectable anabolic / androgenic steroids and other steroids prescribed by their doctor. BeFit4Free does not promote or condone the use of illegal drugs. This free post cycle therapy calculator used medical references about anabolic and androgenic half lives but we do not give information on nolvadex pct doses or other advice about steroids.

Disclaimer: / does not promote the use of testosterone or other anabolic steroids without a doctor's prescription. This PCT Calculator is a general guide line for the safe start time of Post Cycle Therapy Treatment.

BeFit4Free does not promote or condone the use of illegal anabolic steroids.
The author, or anyone working for this website does not sell or have any affiliation to selling of anabolic steroids.
This PCT Calculator is for informational purposes only.

Reminder: Soliciting for sources of steroids or 'research' ancillaries is a violation of our rules.
BeFit4Free does not condone the use if illegal steroids. This PCT Calculator is to provide a basic idea of the safe start time of Post Cycle Therapy Treatment.

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Post Cycle Therapy / PCT -
The goal of post cycle therapy (PCT) is to stimulate the HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis) so that it begins to produce testosterone normally. PCT is done after a cycle of pro-hormones, steroids or legal anabolics to normalize hormone levels. During PCT we want to get the body to produce testosterone naturally as well as decrease the amount of estrogen in our bodies.

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Why does it tell me to start my PCT so late?
That is a good question as I wondered this the very first time I calculated one of my cycles. The build-up of exogenous(injected) testosterone causes a back-log of testosterone waiting to be de-esterified. The more you increase your dosage and/or dosing frequency, the longer it is going to take for the testosterone to clear your system.

Most people start their PCT too early and wonder why they feel like complete shit after finishing their PCT. It is because they began their PCT when they were still suppressed, possibly even finishing PCT while there was still exogenous testosterone suppressing natural production.

This is why you should stop any long esters by about 30 days before the end of your desired cycle length. You should then replace them with a short ester such as propionate so that you can gradually lower your testosterone levels down. Upon total discontinuation of injections, you can begin PCT in a relatively short timespan, as opposed to waiting several weeks had you not tapered with a short ester.

Why does it recommend starting PCT when esterfied levels hit 100mg?
It was determined from Table 2 of Testosterone dose-response relationships in healthy young men that 100mg results in a negligible change from base testosterone levels in men. So when esterified levels dropped below this point, endogenous testosterone production would resume.

Show Half-Lives

*Note: The determined half-lives are only estimations. After performing a PCT calculation, an error margin of a few days should be considered. If you have any information that may be of aid to us, feel free to email us!

Propionate: 2 days
Reasoning: From analyzing graphs we determined that total testosterone levels began their drop 24 h after a single injection of 50mg testosterone propionate (1). Further analysis discovered levels were halved approximately 2 days after injection, and so that is the estimated half-life of the propionate ester.

Phenylpropionate: 3 days
Reasoning: Data revealed nandrolone phenylpropionate to have a little bit longer of a half-life than that of propionate (2). Although there have not been many studies done using the ester, it's estimated half-life is 3 days.

Isocaproate: 5 days
Reasoning: With a shorter ester than that of enanthate and longer than that of phenylpropionate, the isocaproate half-life is rougly estimated to have a 5 day half-life. This is based on the carbon composition of the ester alone as there exists very little known studies on this ester.

Enanthate: 7 days
Reasoning: From analyzing many graphs and data tables concerning the half-lives of testosterone enanthate(1, 4, 5), it was concluded that the half-life was measured to be about 7 days. We noted that weekly injections of 200mg TE resulted in a continual rise in total testosterone levels until it plateaued at 12 weeks (3). The total testosterone levels between the 8th and 12th week were not significantly different signifying that an estimated half-life of 7 days properly fit the calculated predictions for testosterone levels.

Cypionate: 7 days
Reasoning: Differing from enanthate by only 1 carbon atom, the cypionate ester has no noticeable changes in half-life from enanthate (1). Thus it shares the same, 7 days.

Decanoate: 9.5 days
Reasoning: Being 3 carbon atoms longer, this ester should have an extended half-life over enanthate. This is shown evidently in studies done on single-shot injections of Nandrolone Decanoate (3). The half-life varied from 7-12 days leaning more towards 12 days depending on injection site. We took the average of that which was 9.5.

Undecanoate: 34 days
Reasoning: From detailed graphs and also clinically calculated half-lifes in (1), the estimated half-life of the undecanoate is an impressive 34 days. Definitely not an ester to use for short cycles.

Show Sources

(1) Testosterone: Action, Deficiency, Substition
E. Nieschlag
Ch. 14.3, 405-435

(2) Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Nandrolone Esters in Oil Vehicle: Effects of Ester, Injection Site and Injection Volume (Mirror)
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(3) Comparison between testosterone enanthate-induced azoospermia and oligozoospermia in a male contraceptive study. II. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of once weekly administration of testosterone enanthate (Mirror)
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(6) The effects of exogenous testosterone on sexuality and mood of normal men (Mirror)
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